Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What We Wore Sunday + A Memorable Moment

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Summer heat has arrived big time! My family had such a nice time Sunday morning going to breakfast at a charming neighborhood patio, taking a long walk to admire the beautiful gardens in the streets around St. Gregory's, and then a beautiful Mass as always. Since choir is on hiatus for the summer, I even get the pleasure of my husband's company during Mass and some help keeping Ryan quiet!

Speaking of Ryan...he put on probably the funniest show I've seen out of him yet in his 14 months of life. When we walked to the back of church after Mass, he spotted the table with a stack of Catholic newspapers on top. He stood up on his little tip-toes and grabbed the top paper, then toddled confidently over to where the priest was talking with a parishioner and shoved the paper into Father's hand. He then proceeded to return to the table, reach to the top of the stack, grab the topmost paper, and walk it over to the priest, about 15 times, until the whole stack was gone. By the time he got to the fifth or sixth paper, he had quite a crowd gathered around! He was really sure that Father Paul needed those papers.

Elizabeth, bless her, cantored both Masses Sunday morning. We did find a second to snap this photo while my son was busy delivering his newspapers!

I don't have specifics for these outfits right now, but summer dress season it is!

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